We all thirst for a word from God.

You might say “Well Des, I wouldn’t call myself a believer” but I’ll just be very honest and tell you that whatever you claim you are, you are seeking truth, & the truth is in the Word of God.

So us humans, we thirst for it. We build empires from the ground up, searching for meaning and purpose. We search for things that make our souls soar sky high and our mouths curve so that laughter spills forth to all corners of the room. We ask the questions that seem impossible for anyone to answer as we go through life searching, fumbling, struggling, just trying to make sense of it all.

Is this truly it? Are we here to serve a short life span we call life to just go back to the soil from whence the earth seemed to carry us our whole life?

It seems to me that life is full of trials & tribulations, full of blessings & wonder— life truly is what you make of it.

The more you search and try to find meaning without going to the source, the more meaning & purpose will slip through your fingers before you realize that you’ve lost it all.

I’m small, literally— I’m 4”11. I am riddled with flaws and insecurity. The enemy has tried to convince me that condemnation and hopelessness is my resting place. Yet, Jesus calls me to shore.

I am out, flailing in the distant deep waters, gasping for breath, holding onto nothing but my own thoughts, my own beliefs, my own way of doing things, my own human nature— yet I hear Jesus calling me.

The more I let go of myself, the louder His voice becomes.

Booming, it echoes through my mind.

Tic toc. I seem to hear all the clocks around me reminding me of what my Creator has entrusted me with.

“I’ve called you to be an encourager” He says.

My brows furrow & I become confused.

“But Lord, why?” I ask.

He replies “Time is running out.”

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