Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE!

Today marks a special day and an even greater occasion.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to thank the Lord and give our time praying as we seek first the Kingdom!

The greatest joy I have ever known is the G O S P E L! Jesus died for me, and He died for you!

As you spend time at the dinner table with friends and family, I pray that the fire of the Holy Spirit falls and you begin to see the tangible move of God around you in ways you’ve never seen before.

For those who have not been baptized, I pray for baptisms.

For those who have not prophesied, I pray the gift of prophecy.

For those who yearn, I pray fulfillment through the Lord’s promise.

And I encourage everyone to have fun!

(P.S. if you have not asked the Lord into your life, its through faith and confession! Believing that Jesus died for you AND rose again, confessing with your mouth that He is Lord over your life AND that He has great plans for you!)

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