The Apostle Paul declares to us, and the people of Galatia, that we are God’s children! By being His children, we have also become His heirs. (v.7). ‘His heirs’ meaning Christ’s heirs. In this chapter we are not only encouraged to seek heritage in Christ but also pushed to cultivate that heritage. What I mean by cultivating is fully centering our identity on Christ and not the other way around!

‘What happened to when you first welcomed?’ Paul asks the people of Galatia. He asks this question because their attitudes had gone sour in light of persecution.  Instead of rejoicing in plight, they soured in it. This happened because they let their surroundings influence their character. This should be a big fat NO in Kingdom values!

I find this to be a crucial matter in which to fix or gaze upon. It’s this aspect of keeping steady on the course in our pursuit of Kingdom values. What do I mean by Kingdom values? I mean all the values in which Christ came to set the standard in.

As a whole, the Body of Christ fluctuates in seasons and times. But what if there were a consistent passion? The idea of hearts set ablaze is a value that we should all advocate for! By advocating passion for the Lord, we are fanning the flame of our own desires to seek Him. To seek Him in secret, private and public. This is the epitome of walking in the cool of day with Him who made day.

Since Paul was under legalism himself, he was anointed to cast aside those barriers so that others could become heirs. The question is simple. How are we to inherit from Christ if under the demise of legalism? If we draw from this standard, we’d all be dried up springs. It would be like Jacob’s wells that were dried up, how can this be? Under legalism, there is passion for rules—not passion for Christ.

Christ came to set the standard to free us from standards. In this freeing process we are liberated under His authority. It is HIS Kingship that we are now under. It is HIS authority that we become rulers. It is HIS domain that we become subject to.

As you go about your day, I encourage you to seek His face. Seek His glory, it shines new every morning!

Yours Truly,

Destiny Rose Nielsen.


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