Paul enters the stage in Galatians chapter two in a phenomenal way. He travels to Jerusalem to show how he has spread the GOOD NEWS to non-jews. In doing this he speaks to important people and spies crash the meeting. These spies were false Christians trying to control their freedom. Paul, and those who accompanied Paul, did not give into them for even a moment. (v5).

Now through Galatians chapter two we witness two main points that arise. I call these points the ‘Apostleship Proclamation.’ From this meeting, there comes into the scene two Apostles: Peter and Paul.

  1. Peter was made an Apostle to reach the circumcised—(Jewish).
  2. Paul was made an Apostle to reach the uncircumcised—(Non-Jewish).

I call this the Apostle Proclamation because through this meeting, especially with spies involved, there needed to be an understanding. The understanding was that the mystery revealed in Christ was meant to spread in cohesive dynamism. Who better to spread the good news than two of the heroes of controversy?

Peter slicing the ear off a Roman soldier (yes, that happened) and Paul the persecutor. I would argue that controversy creates magnetism used for advancement. I’ll correct the statement further.

Controversy creates magnetism that the Lord uses for Kingdom advancement.

Christ told Peter ‘I’m building my church on you’ and Christ shows Himself to Paul through blinding him!

Does this make sense? In the grand scheme of things, I believe this teaches us two lessons. The first being TRUST and the second UNVEILING. These two lessons are synced together. God wants us to trust the unveiling process of His glory. Our existence is epitomized in the expansion of His Kingdom. Its through this expansion that we are challenged to ‘go.’

‘Go and preach the Gospel, I will give you the words’ is what the Lord always says. ‘Go go go, and I will show you how it works’ is how He continues. And how it ends is when a soul cries under the pressure of the Holy Spirit.

Now being Jesus focused in a non-Jesus focused world is magnificent. It means that the believer has truly weighed the cost and has picked up his cross. There is no street too dark, no city too lost, no person too sketchy to reach with the Good News. And if there are false spies in the mix, so be it. Let faith be tested so that it can endure!  

Yours Truly,

Destiny Rose Nielsen.


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