What was once an atheist country is exactly why I believe the heart of the Gospel reigns most effective. In a place where it was once deemed illegal to talk about Jesus, I prophecy even now as I write this, that it will be a meeting place of worshipping the Lord!

The beautiful thing about this is that I have seen first-hand this vision come into fruition AND am beyond excited that I will be working with Pastor Kristian and his wife Ersina.

Last year I got a special invitation to work with their ministry in the heart of Albania. What is wonderful about the Albanian people is that they love the United States and love ‘mexsicanas’ (that’s me)

My first language, which is Spanish, was like an open door when it came to Evangelism—a miracle in and of itself! It helped so much so that when I walked down the streets of Elbasani, I was able to communicate with a lot of people through what I learned growing up in Mexico and on the South-Texas border.

The common denominator that we share is very real: it’s a love for great food, bubbling laughter, and talking. This is exactly how the conversation gets started in spreading the Gospel! 

Sharing the love of Jesus as not just a prophet but as THE MESSIAH is something that I’ve seen the Albanian people hunger for, which further deepens my motivation in moving there long-term.

I am beyond excited during this season as I celebrate with my family over this decision! It has been an amazing rollercoaster of praying, fasting, and seeking the Lord in this endeavor and He spoke clearly saying, “Go Destiny, I’m backing you up!”

Thank you to EVERYONE during this Christmas season celebrating with me in advancing the Kingdom! The Lord truly is so kind to His people.

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