This is my good friend Xhijel, Pastor Kristian’s eldest son, who gave his life to Christ!

I was sitting in a soup shop right next to the church I’ll be working with and I witnessed a young man (who is very bright) weep as he shared his life story. Like many young men who have struggled with wanting to be a part of something greater than themselves: I noticed that my friend in front of me battled this. He began to share his life story with me and before I knew it, before I could even grasp what was happening: HE GAVE HIS LIFE TO CHRIST.

This is SALVATION folks. A part of my mission statement is that “another person’s soul is worth more to me than my life here on earth”—this has not changed. My life is devoted to spreading the Gospel just as I would spread butter on a piece of toast because IT IS WORTH IT. Heaven is for real and like I mentioned a couple of blogs ago: HEAVEN IS GETTING FAT. “Why?” (One might ask). It is because of the simple obedience of those who listen to the Lord in advancing the Kingdom. It is powerful and I’m SO elated over this next season as I build a support team who will join me in these treasures!

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