“The Plans of the Heart belongs to humans, but an answer on the tongue comes from the Lord.” –(Proverbs 16:1)

Hey Friends & Family!

I have several words to impart upon you reading this & a special prayer attached!

  1. I pray the miraculous to be unfolded in His glory upon your life AND for signs and wonders to be released in the supernatural upon your natural life.
  2. I pray for broken legs to be fully healed, for brain tumors to be eliminated AND specifically for eyesight to be restored upon the left eye (why the left? The Lord showed me)
  3. I pray direct healing upon hips AND hip replacement issues.
  4. I pray a special impartation of wisdom to a 12 year old girl with brown hair AND long legs.

There is a vision, a consistent vision, that the Lord has been showing me that may or may not astound you reading this—but wow it astounded me enough to share!

This vision is of a woman with her hair covering and a mask covering, and the Lord spoke to me saying:

I will tear down Sharia Law both in the Middle East and in the Western World

If this astounds you, I assure you that It astounds me as well—the receiver of this vision and proclamation. The reality is that the tearing down of the veil to glimpse into the beauty of Jesus will be combated by and with the ensnares of lies, debauchery, and abuse of power.  This is true across whatever realm of influence you are in but most specifically in the Post-Modern church of today.

As I was praying extensively, the roll of my tongue slipped into a phrase that bewildered me: “Strongholds of Grace.”  Personally, and in my Spirit, I believe that there are going to be Strongholds of Grace erupting in the hearts of Warriors of Faith in Judeo-Christian values that are going to usher in this next generation. Truth is not subjective: truth is fact, and we hold unto the facts in scripture.

There are four more Prophetic Declarations I feel led to impart upon someone today:

  1. Joel 3:20 — “Mighty warrior of God stop impersonating a woman and start walking in your destiny as Man After Gods Own Heart.”
  2. Ezekiel 32:7—“Darling Miriam do not depart from your faith I have delivered you from the hands of Pharaoh’s destruction.”
  3. Mark5:2—” Child, the bubbling brooks of heaven are open to receive my glory in seeing Angels.”
  4. 2Chronicles2:7—“Strong Craftsmen: Rise up from the dust and put on the arms of the battalion to march into artistry as I have called you”

Now I’m not a preacher and I believe in the full authority of the written living, breathing, demon dispelling, awe-inspiring name which we all know as “Jesus.” If you have not received Jesus Christ into your life: I triple dog dare you to see what happens. Say the name and receive the power through His written word—my favorite collection of books: the BIBLE. Say His name and receive deliverance from the wicked spirits of addiction, pornography, lust, pornography, murderous contempt and envy. Yes: I said pornography not once but TWICE, because I heard the Holy Spirit mention it twice for this blog.

Now I’m called to walk you through it in 3 directions:

  1. “Jesus I see AND accept you as the Son of the Living God, fully man and fully God. I know you lived on earth for 33years and died for 3 days—all so that I may live. I am ready to die to myself (spiritually) so that I may LIVE with you for eternity. I surrender my life into your hands. I receive YOUR inheritance. I receive your blessing. I put my old life to the grave and my new life to the heavens—I give you my keys, the keys to my heart and my ways, so that YOU OH GOD can unlock what sin has locked for too long. Amen”
  2. “Lord, take off the veil of deception and put on the bride veils of your grace over my face and lace me with your awe-inspiring love, your supernatural power in mercy and forgiveness. Lace me with your grace so that I may walk in tune with your Spirit OH GOD, for you are mighty to save.”
  3. “Deliver me Lord from bondage, from deep dark sin, and release me to work as a holy man after your own heart Lord. Amen”

My prayer and encouragement to you reading this is that the Lord would erupt Strongholds of Grace into your heart so that you may flourish and walk in the divine calling He has for your life.

‘POP’ if you heard the word, that’s the Power of Prayer.
         Yours truly,
~Destiny Rose Nielsen.

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