We are free so we enjoy the benefits of being free (v. 1) AND we are firm in our standing of freedom (v.2). The Apostle Paul declares that the moment the ‘uncircumcised’ enter the realm of the circumcised they will no longer be free. What I believe this to mean is that the Galatians have already  been liberated from oppressive rule and Paul is saying ‘stay free or be jailed’ but he is also saying ‘use your freedom for Christ.’

The minute they go back to legalism is the moment they’ll lose faith.

Now freedom isn’t free because freedom’s cost was on the Cross. In order to be free from the oppressive rule of earth (the spirit of the world being the evil one), there needed to be an exchange. The exchange rate was Christ on the Cross. This resulted in us being free to be influenced by truth (v.7) because “a little yeast spreads through the whole batch of dough” (v.9).

The ultimate truth, which is far deeper than sides of a story, is one truth. That truth is Christ! What does this mean? It means that our eyes have now been opened to fixate on eternal truth rather than be subjugated on earth alone.

Earth is great. I love food, walking in His presence, and braiding my hair so it doesn’t get in the way of prayer. But the reality is this: heaven is going to be so much greater! Earth is only a glimpse of what is to come in our exit to heaven. As believers we get to hold unto Christ as our ticket. My life here on earth should reflect my devotion to the King of Kings. This applies to you as well!

The main lesson being taught In this chapter is this: use your freedom to cast of your corrupt nature AND serve in Love.

Paul writes that the main focus is love and love comes through Christ. This same love that was expressed in Moses’ teachings (v.14) is being expressed on blast in Christ. (‘on blast’ meaning to its highest degree).

Since we are free in Christ, we use our freedom to glorify Him!

Yours Truly,

Destiny Rose Nielsen.


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