First things first: importance comes through the one who bestows importance. As Paul writes to the Galatians, he writes this chapter calling forth both purity AND authentic action. (v.4). No one likes, or even can stand, a believer lacking authenticity. A believer holding unto their faith with inauthentic motives is not a believer at all. I personally detest inauthenticity because it creates a whirlpool of misconception in the Body of Christ as a whole.

Authenticity is a natural substance that draws the fickle in heart to abundance. It is the essence of what makes you you and me me. What do I mean by this? The best way I can describe it is with scent. The scent you wear is unique to you and creates an imprint in the mind of the person you hug. Now what I mean is that there is untapped authenticity that God Himself wants to create in the hearts of His loved.

We are His loved! Dearly loved and devoted unto Him who first created us. There is untapped authenticity found in receiving His grace, not just spilling it out.

Paul continues by sharing with the Galatians that whatever they plant they will harvest (v.8). What this means is that whichever efforts you focus on is what you will be inevitably harvest in. Now our great call is to harvest from our intimacy with Christ. It is to harvest from the time and devotion to Christ.

Some questions that may arise are as follows:

  1. How on earth do I sow?
  2. When will I harvest?
  3. What season am I even in?

A perfect explanation can be found in the book of Mathew when describing the parable of the sower. But in this instance, what is important to stay close to is the concept of ‘Authentic Faith.’

Authentic Faith is the charisma that draws us into humility. It is the ‘favor factor’ of entering into His presence and being accepted. Now there is a divine promise found in v.8 that says ‘if you plant in the soil of your spiritual nature, you will harvest everlasting life.’ I’m personally fascinated by this verse because it exudes permanence. It is a permanent declaration of what faith can do and does.

As you go about your day, I challenge you to examine your heart and fixate your life on authentic faith in Christ! By doing this, I know that the Lord will reap the harvest in your own life and you will start to see your efforts blossom.

Yours Truly,

Destiny Rose Nielsen.


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