“For this reason we must pay closer attention to what we have heard. Then we wont drift away from the truth”-Hebrews 2:1

In the very first we are beckoned into a move of grace. This move of grace is to pay closer attention to the truth bearer than the lie maker. What do I mean by this? This verse encourages us to stay close and steady to Christ the head. Its through this relationship process that we get closer to Christ, who is the way, the truth, and the life!

The reason for this expansion is so that we may not drift away but draw close. Truth is absolute. In a culture where my truth, her truth, his truth, and its truth prevail—our reality is different. The reality we are under as believers is subject to one truth. It’s this absolute truth who was nailed to the cross. There are not multiple dimensions of truth, rather one truth who reigns as King overall.

When Jesus came to set the captives free—He established His authority as truth teller. Christ is the head who brings truth to any situation. He is the Son of the Living God—our hope for eternal salvation.

Throughout this chapter it says that God placed everything under His Son’s control (v.8). He was crowned in glory in the previous verse and then given control of everything in the following verse. When we place our hope in Christ, we are becoming subjects of His Kingdom. Our existence therefore depends on its ruler. This is true even if you have not accepted Christ. If you have not accepted Christ, then your ultimate ruler is satan. But through accepting Christ, He reigns as eternal King. Our existence depends on His sacrifice.

The reality is that He doesn’t depend on us– but wants us. Just as a Father loves His children—how much more will the King of Kings love us?

Yours Truly,

Destiny Rose Nielsen.


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