This chapter of Hebrews makes a profound statement to those Jewish in faith. He writes saying that Jesus is superior to Moses as High Priest and that He is in fact the ultimate builder. I was personally amazed by reading this because the idea of Jesus building is very real. He was the carpenter in His day as He is now the carpenter in resurrection!

Paul goes on to write that those who sat in ‘disbelief’ will never enter into God’s place of rest. I was astonished by this writing from Paul the Apostle because he was once grouped into this category. The divine category that he is talking about were the Hebrew in birth, and the Jewish in faith. An entire generation of Israeli people never got to enter into God’s place of rest because of their unbelief.

Now a disbelieving heart is catastrophic to the human soul. What it does is paralyze the faith engine in Christ and disrupts the drive. Our driving in faith Is meant to be strengthened as we come into understanding in Christ. In Christ, mysteries are revealed and legacies unfold! Without Christ as the builder, nothing is built that will have eternal repercussions.

Christ is the ultimate builder and in this chapter of Hebrews, this is the reality being expressed. We are divine in nature, and its through this that we become co-builders. What do I mean by this? I mean that we get to draw into the deeper waters of faith and build alongside Christ. Our building capabilities are expressed in the Unshakable Kingdom. The Unshakable Kingdom is being built before our eyes through the divine faith in Christ.  It might not be in visible results, but our prayers build on something far more important.

We get to be co-builders in what is unseen. In the unseen of the Unshakable Kingdom, more and more people are beckoned into eternity. There is an eternal imprint that we make here on earth. We are ONLY on earth to build what is being expressed in eternity!

Yours Truly,

Destiny Rose Nielsen.


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