This probably doesn’t need explanation, but I feel led to give backing to His word. His pure Word resonates in us a superfood otherwise unattainable on this earth. I’ll explain the concept of His Word, the purity of His Word, being our main sustenance on this earth. And ill explain how offering our weakness results in the strength of His Kingdom!

Peter writes this chapter by encouraging us to get rid of hypocrisy and hold onto His prophecy. Where are His prophecies written? And how does this affect us? The Old is a revelation of the New and reading this adds muscle to our souls. If our faith is not tried by fire, how is it to be revealed that it is gold? How is the purity of our faith to be revealed to the masses? How does conversion happen? Why is faith so important in a godless society? These are all questions that are healthy to ask, and Christ actually rewards the people who ask it.

An answer to one of these questions is found in verse 5. It says “You come to Him as living stones, a spiritual house that is being built into a holy priesthood. So offer spiritual sacrifices that God accepts through Jesus Christ.” This verse calls us to offer inwardly what is expressed outwardly. What I mean by this is that we are to make personal sacrifices to glorify Him who was the sacrifice. Christ was the Lamb sacrificed on the altar, just as we have sacrificed to follow Him. Now we haven’t sacrifice nearly as much as Christ did, since we are still alive and not crucified. We did not sacrifice as much as Peter Himself did (he died on the cross upside down). But we did die to ourselves to grasp the gift of being born again!

Being ‘born again’ and desiring God’s Word as babies desire milk is what’s being preached. (v.2). Reading His Written Word, and spreading that written Word is precious, its more desirable than gold! Imagine that? Our faith is more precious than gold! It is being tried by faith that reveals how expensive it was to begin with. Faith is not cheap, and Christ is not cheap either. Christ paid so that we could have life and life eternally. Not just In this life, but for billions and billions of years thereafter.

His Pure Word nourishes our soul as babies milk nourishes the baby. By eating spiritual food, God’s Word, we are growing deeper in the wells of His grace. Its like a garden that’s fostering the fruits of nutritious veggies—this is what faith does. Faith isn’t grown by itself, but is nurtured to last a lifetime. Through life’s testings our faith grows. This natural event is not to be ignored, but to be restored! Faith can easily die off if not incubated in reading the Bible every day and It can die off if we don’t pray. Its not meant to be church going, but church building. We are the Church! We hold the Word! We are the building that needs to be sustained!

As you read chapter two on your own, recognize what role you play in the Body. Build your spiritual muscles by cutting off fat and adding protein. God’s Word, the Bible, is protein. Not only is it protein, but it’s a superfood meant to be eaten every day.

Yours Truly,

Destiny Rose Nielsen.


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