The main concept id like to drive home in this chapter is “Inward Beauty” found in verse 4. This inward beauty is something that expresses itself in poise over self-praise. Inward beauty is the gentle mannerisms of a woman carrying the Spirit within her. In the following verse, verse 5, it says that holy women in the past expressed themselves with gentleness under their husbands authority. Now for the women who are not married, this ‘inward beauty’ is found being married to Christ.

Being married to Christ is something not to be taken lightly. It is under His authority that we place our own beauty. Our beauty is being crafted in the growing of our faith in Christ.

Beauty is not an outward pleasantry, but an inward expansion of grace!

Being beautiful in Christ means that we carry the mantel of leadership under Him. Every spiritual blessing found in Christ carves our spiritual beauty in us. Spiritual inward beauty makes its way to our outward countenance and shines upon the earth!

I call this the ‘morning glow’ and its something I’ve shared with my sister numerous times. It’s the glow of the morning when you first wake up, how clean your skin looks. It’s the glow of hydration, of being fully rested, and waking up energized for the day. In Christ, this glowing is permanent. It radiates itself unto everyone on earth!

The earth is where the glory of God shines. We carry this shininess through Christ, and we pour our oil at His feet. What’s oil? Surely, I don’t mean the oiliness of skin, what I mean is the oil of our Spirit! It’s the driving force of energy that keeps our light beaming unto all nations. It’s the oil of Christ being King of our lives! The earth is where the glory of God gets displayed. Heaven already has the eternal agenda of praise and worship, but all of earth is still groaning.

There is a groaning process that the earth is undergoing in revealing the revelation of Christ. Christ is revealed to us as we read the Bible. But imagine those who don’t read His Word? Jesus Christ is being revealed to the earth through me and you. Its through shining the light from the oil in our lamps that people get reached! Our inward beauty is radiating through intimacy with Christ. Through loving Him deeply and holding unto who He says He is. Its our dentity in Christ! This is how our inward beauty shines unto the earth!

Here is a worship session I’d like to share with you!

Yours Truly,

Destiny Rose Nielsen.


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