Thank you to EVERYONE for the birthday wishes!

Okay, now to talk about the real amazing things that are going on.

On November 8th the Lord encouraged me to post on my instagram “God loves the 45 and so do I.” I thought to myself “Okay Lord, let’s go!!” The message behind this is that the bravest thing anyone could do in this day and age is to stand up for what’s right. I am on this earth (Gen1:1) for one reason and one reason only– to DECLARE from every rooftop the Glory of God.

The promise to those who follow the will of God is long life and the pursuit of happiness, sounds familiar huh? Well that is exactly what’s going on and if you stay up to date with the news media going on throughout this earth it will be very easy to recognize what is true and what is false. As all of my supporters know by now that i’m a simple woman with a strong message. The message (I like that version; however I have a GW version) is that we are called into this life for one purpose and one purpose only: to know God and to make HIM known. Now as I write this I realize that it entails two callings. First knowing the Lord personally, then expanding upon that knowledge wisdom insight etc to delve into SHOWING that to others. A really cool acronym the Holy Spirit revealed to me personally on October 19th at 7pm is this: Singleness. Honor. Obedience. Worship. — the ING part hasn’t been revealed yet lol; however if anyone of you would like to pour some insight, some holy oil, or good old fashioned in the prayer closet insight, let me know what He reveals to you! Because this is the point: THE GLORY OF THE GOSPEL IS A SHOW. And as participants, we have fun with it.

All of the above was for the adults in the room, now the bottom is for the children.

-the star: “just as we see stars in the sky, we see angels soar high”

-the circle: “what’s inside the circle is what’s in our control, what’s outside is for mommy and daddy to take hold.”

-the pentagon: “serving, hugs, time, giving, words— the way we love eachother is stronger than herds.”

-the smile: brush your teeth and say your prayers, seek first the Kingdom and HE hears your prayers.”

Now some specifics you can join me in prayer for:

1. Encouragement (to live IN courage)

2. Wisdom (to walk straight)












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