(For the historian)

A special shoutout to Liz!

She sent me a song called “25” and this is what is amazing about it. On November 18th at 8pm the Holy Spirit brought up Hezekiah. Let’s be honest, who the heck is this guy? Okay I just broke the ice because let’s face it, the modern church might not be teaching too much on this subject; however, there is quite story to tell behind it.

Hezekiah was one of Israel’s kings who came to the throne at age 25. This man had a 29 year reign and 2Kings 18:6 tells us that he “held fast to the Lord; he did not depart from following him.” In one of his 4 year terms (690BC), the prophet Isaiah prophesies AGAINST the Assyrians by word of mouth (ch19) “He will never come into this city, shoot an arrow here, hold a shield in front of it, or put up dirt ramps to attack it. He will go back the way he came, and won’t come into this city.”

Now due to Hezekiah’s servant-hearted leadership and his yes AND OBEDIENCE, his life was extended 15 more years.

Now this is where we learn: ask yourself who the prophetic voice is in your own life and most importantly– does that voice lead you to direct obedience for the call of God over your life or does that voice lead you astray?

Sharpen yourself with the word and see where the Lord leads you.

And another quick fact: Hezekiah in Hebrew means “Yahweh strengthens.”

In our own weakness, the Lord strengthens.

The above was for the adults, now this is for the children:

Have fun connecting the dots for the CROWN of glory is upon you. (see image above).



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