This morning the Lord brought my attention to Joel 3: the Lord will rescue His people!

When I arose in prayer for five different nations, every single time He brought me back to the United States of America.

In Joel verse 3 it says “They threw dice for my people. They traded boys for prostitutes. They sold girls so that they could buy wine to drink”

Now this is what the Lord spoke: my people will NO LONGER be traded as thieves in the night. Those who hunger for my word WILL prosper. The children who sleep in their mother’s womb WILL be saved.

There will no longer be ‘they,’ there will be he’s and she’s declaring the Glory of God like the sirens which wail at night. In the light she will prosper. In the light he will prevail. In the light shines the glory of our Father greater than ANY hail.

“Hold unto my promise” says the Lord, “my forgotten people will no longer be forgotten. My men, my women, my children, will NO LONGER be forgotten. In the sanctuary of my presence is my beloved.” Says the Lord.

There is a rumbling in the Spirit stretching across the United States, a blanket, a covering with the beautiful red, white, and blue. The promise once given to the prophets in Jerusalem still holds true.

Jesus is King, He reigns on high. And the Spirit of the Lord is soaring HIGH.

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