woiuld There is this mountain on the hills of Elbasan overlooking the beautiful city and it is literally called “Mount Olives.” From this hill we worshiped the Lord, I prayed blessing over the nation of Albania, and asked that He would reveal His vision for the land.

There is a watchtower in the middle of the city. Historically it was created during the Ottoman empire and there was an inflooding of Christians who plowed the land before I arrived. Missionaries. Prayers. The Fasting of hungry people who WANTED more, those who actually desire the most.

I was overjoyed when the Lord gave me this vision because that meant that I would be returning soon! The power of the name JESUS reigns forevermore and higher than any other name. It is a name that stretches across time, across cultures, and across the realms of our unbelief.

His name is the name that makes demons flee, frees the oppressed, the depressed, and the possessed into eternal liberty. When Jesus spoke “pick up your cross and follow me,” He truly had this in mind. To take upon the yoke of His Spirit and carry it beyond self into an unknown country to do one thing: GIVE THE GOSPEL.

Jesus is so worthy to be praised!  And as I write this I am over the moon excited, using this precious time to write, before launching. I love this nation, I love the Albanian people, and the good news is worth spreading. Just as I wrote previously: it’s like spreading butter on toast!

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