“Suit Up and Buckle Up”

This is the final chapter! If you stayed in tune with this series on the book of Ephesians, you will have had plenty to think about, and much more to set your heart on. There is so much to learn through reading God’s Word and spending time in prayerful discussion with Him. The true faith of a believer is strengthened through reading and enjoying what the Holy Spirit speaks. So, as we finish up this chapter, I’m praying that it will touch your heart the way it has touched mine. In fact, I will be opening and closing in prayer.

“Holy Spirit we just want to thank you for your presence, your word, and your goodness unto us. I pray right now that you would release power to the believer. Lord, we ask for a mighty wind of your Spirit that would overflow the cups of your anointed ones. In your name we pray, thank you Jesus, amen.”

Now as we go through Ephesians chapter 6, get ready for the Lord to take you on a ride. This is one of the most, if not the most, quoted passages for the Warrior in Christ. Since we know the historical context of Ephesians, it has taken on a much deeper meaning. The cultural surroundings of Ephesus is important to note when reading.

There are two themes AND five main points of reference for Ephesians 6:

The two themes are:

  1. Heavenly Obedience!
  2. Wearing His Armor!

The five main points are:

  1. Honor Your Parents. (v.2)
  2. Belonging and Desire. (v.6)
  3. Heavenly Rewards. (v.8)
  4. Putting on His Armor. (v. 11)
  5. Pray in the Spirit. (v.18)

 1. Heavenly Obedience.

Heavenly obedience is digging deep into both inward and outward obedience for the Lord. There are three times that the word ‘obey’ is mentioned in this chapter-(v.1,5,6). I call this heavenly obedience because Paul drives home that the reason we obey in love, in heavenly obedience, is because Christ is the head. When Christ is the head of our lives, our soul longs to act in heavenly obedience. Since we are made in His image, heavenly obedience is re-aligning what our flesh desires to desire the ways of God.

Walking in this Is powerful in prayer, unleashing the prophetic, and words of knowledge overflows. The picture that comes to mind is a cup with gold liquid pouring down like whipped up air. As it pours into the cup, it spills out on the sides and gets everywhere. I believe this is a word meant for the generation of lost hope. Specifically I’d like to call out the spirit of suicide and cast it back to hell through the name Jesus. I prophecy that whoever is reading this would begin to place armor instead of tragedy. To adorn praise instead of idleness. To wear crowns instead of despair. I pray in Jesus name that the believer retains wisdom and insight as their guide. For there to be a deeper river of baptismal grace to walk in. I seal all this in Jesus name!

 2. Wearing His Armor.

(v. 14) Belt of Truth:  The truth of His Word! The biblical knowledge found in the written word of God.

(v.14) Breastplate of Righteousness: We are made righteous In HIS sight through Christ! We wear this righteousness as heavenly robes.

(v. 15) Shoes for the Good News: Put on your shoes! Spread the Good News that Christ died for your sins and was raised from the dead. Tell, and show, people everywhere you go that Jesus is your Lord.

(v.16) Shield of Faith: Our faith is our shield! Having faith in Christ shields us from the lies of the enemy.

(v.17) Helmet of Salvation: We have been saved! All through the price paid on the cross at calvary.

(v.17) Sword of the Spirit: The sword of the Spirit is HIS word, the Bible! We wield His words as our authority. Christ is the head; we are the body. The sword tears down what the enemy tries to lie to us about. The sword is the Holy Spirit who acts on our behalf.

Wearing his armor is not just a physical display of holiness but a spiritual manifestation of it. When you walk into the room with the glow of the morning in pursuit of Him, people want to know!  What is it that she’s smiling about? Man, I want the coffee she’s having, it must be good coffee. This is what influences a culture and impacts a generation. Its walking in the presence of the Lord day and night. It is wearing His Armor before your feet hit the floor! When you are awake or asleep, demons flee because of the name Jesus Christ over your life.

We need to walk in this and that’s exactly what Paul was telling the Ephesians. He encouraged them to wear the full armor because it might get tough and gritty. It might get difficult when everyone’s worshipping babies and not the creator of those babies.

Now I’m going to close in prayer: “Heavenly Father, we want to thank you that you are our Father. We thank you for your Son Jesus and we boldly approach you in heavenly obedience. Help us obey your word and walk in the light of your glory. Pour out your power and let the love of the Holy Spirit fall afresh on us. Kindle the flame of our desires to match your blueprints. In Jesus name, amen.”

Yours Truly,

Destiny Rose Nielsen.


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