“When the Ark of the Lord came to the city of David, Saul’s daughter Michal looked out of a window and saw King David leaping and dancing in the Lord’s presence, so she despised him.”

There are three action points that arose from this singular verse:

  1. The Ark Came.
  2. Michal Witnessed.
  3. David Danced.

The entering of the Ark of the Lord into the city of David is significant. It means that the Ark’s resting place (home base) became the city of David. This entering of the Ark is important to note because the Ark was the dwelling place of the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God dwelt in the Ark before King Solomon built a lofty temple.

In the first half of this verse, it explains the relocation of the Ark and in the second half explains the result of relocation. The result of relocation is powerful because it says that David leapt in His presence. It was in His presence that David danced. He rejoiced In the Lord through dancing, and he was despised for it! This came as a shock wave to the earth.

The Ark came, David’s wife witnessed David dancing and she despised him for it. I decided to write a blog on the main subject of fruitlessness in the Kingdom. There is fruitless deception roaming around the earth despising any true enjoyment of the King of Kings. David replied to Michal saying that he would stoop further into greater levels of humiliation for the Lord in the future.

On this earth there is a lost art of dancing before the Lord. It is coming into His presence with thanksgiving glorifying the King of Kings. Christ is not just a singular King of one dominion, but a King of ALL dominions. And dancing in His presence is an art to be explored. I’m not saying that dancing has to be of pure perfection. But dancing does include the bubbling laughter that releases pressure.

Dancing is a pressure release glorifying the King of Kings. It is dancing in His presence that something gets released in the supernatural. There is a faucet valve that asks to be loosened to release Kingdom Power only bestowed upon Christ’s subjects. Its something that is very special and reveals new spiritual blessings used to honor Christ.

The same beauty that we behold in dancing before the Lord is the same aspect we release unto the earth!

Yours Truly,

Destiny Rose Nielsen.


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