The title of this message is a simple one with astronomical ramifications. It is a simple statement which can be said in a multitude of ways! (And should be expressed in many ways). Galatians chapter three goes over the concept of faith to stupid people. Quite literally…stupid people. The Apostle Paul writes this third chapter calling out the people of Galatia for falling under stupidity vs trusting in Christ’s validity. The previous sentence is too good not to repeat. Paul calls out stupidity and reassures us of Christ’s validity.

There are two main concepts I’d like to draw out of this chapter:

  1. Calling out Stupidity. (v.1 )
  2. Reassuring Christs Validity. (v.8)

Before I begin typing out the rest of my personal notes, I’d like to say that faith approval is better than people approval. Now of course it’s nice to gain achievements in earthly standards, but that should only be a reflection of what our heavenly rewards are. In other words, earth standards reflect heaven standards. They do not equal heaven’s standards, but they do reflect them.

  1. Calling out Stupidity.

The Apostle Paul was not afraid to call out the stupidity of man. This is not to say that he didn’t love who he was writing to, because what he spoke, in the terms in which he spoke, rippled through time space continuum. Now the time spice continuum I’m talking about far out-stretches our imagination and delves into Gods Creation.

Paul spoke out in a time of disbelief and non-authentic relationship. He calls the people of Galatia out to turn from their stupidity and focus their approval by Christs standards. Now by Christs standards, just as shown with Abraham(v.6), we are stamped with approval through faith. I find this interesting because this approval of faith was declared before Christ because it expected Christ.

What do I mean by this? This was a prophetic declaration of approval before Christ existed. To the Abrhamaic people Christ the Messiah hadn’t existed yet, but Gods relationship with His people was the stamp of approval—only given to the jews. However, Paul argues that since Christ came, this faith-based approval is now won through Christ.

In context to this chapter of Galatians, Paul calls out the stupid ones. Quite literally in the first verse he says ‘you stupid people of Galatia’ then goes on to explain that their approval is won through faith.


  1. Reassuring Christ’s Validity.

‘Who am I in Christ? What sphere of influence am I called to in Christ?’ These are some of the pre-questions we ask ourselves in the transition of chaos. We ask these questions to our Lord and in a way, assure ourselves of His validity. The reality is that Christ on the Cross backs up every valiant claim there is. There is no second guessing in the Kingdom, but rather first guessing in the King of Kings. Whats Christ’s answer? Christ, what do you think? Christ, do you approve? And since we are in Christ we are automatically enrolled in His leadership.

Christ is valid when others may be invalid. Christ’s membership is an eternal membership, and His gaze is our race. What do I mean by this? I mean that His face is what we seek every morning. Staring into the eyes of Jesus, His kind eyes, when we rise to seize the day. Worshipful prayer is achieved at costly sacrifice. Its time, energy, relationships, passion, and precision.

Our validity is based on Christs life, death, and resurrection—this is what Paul means by approval through faith. When we believe in our hearts and confess that He is Lord, we gain eternal life and heavenly rewards. It is far much greater than our own spending in splendor—we get to lavish in His identity. We put on the garments of His praise and that is how we enter into His throne room!

Yours Truly,

Destiny Rose Nielsen.


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