The humble in character stature are those who wield authority as Christ would. This refining process we talked about in previous blogs is essential in our own walk with the Lord. It’s this guiding process which our humility flows from authority—not the other way around. Now our authority comes through Christ reigning as King. The reality is this: the revelation of Christ as King creates humility. This humility is something profound in both nature and impact.

  1. Nature.
  2. Impact.

Nature is knowing Christ as King of the Universe and Impact is the transformation we receive as Christ being King over the Universe. In nature, our hearts cry out ‘abba Father. Now in impact, we see our lives being transformed. Not a singular transformation process, but an eternal one!

This Eternal Transformation Process leads to fulfillment of wages. What does this mean exactly? Well, the wage of sin equals death. Before Christ there was death, now in Christ there is eternal life. This eternal transformation process is the reckoning of life and death. It is the fulfillment of wages being paid by Christ’s sacrifice made on the cross. This is of eternal weight in both payment and glory.

God favors the humble in authority. When you hear of the spiritual authority of the Prophet, Missionary, or Pastor—what do you think of? Do you get a good sense? Is this person doused in humility or douped in falsehood. When in a place of authority humility is always the answer!

Humility carves out injustice and declares peace to the righteous. (It is not easy, it requires meekness.)

The righteous in humility are the restorers of eternity. What do I mean by this? I mean that in verses 5-10, God, because of His kindness, calls us into eternal restoration through humility. In verse 8, Peter warns us by saying that the enemy is like a roaring lion waiting to pounce. Now the someone better not be you or me because we can’t take that kind of drop kick. But when you are low in faith you better watch out. When you are low in faith you need a steady reminder to keep you on course.

My main message in this is this: deepen your faith in Christ so that you can live in His graces. Also so that you can be immovable in humility.

Yours Truly,

Destiny Rose Nielsen.


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