Hey Friends & Family!!!

The Lord has been so kind to me during my time in DTS. He has filled my life with such intimacy in knowing Him, a deeper revelation of who He is & the calling He has over my life, & the sweet lifelong friendships He’s blessed me while being here. Meeting people here is meeting a different image-bearer of God. Seeing the outpouring of His Spirit not only over my life but over the lives of those around me has been the greatest honor & adventure I could have ever imagined!!

I’ve gotten to see breakthroughs in my life &  the lives of my dearest friends around me. I’ve seen lifelong illnesses be healed at just the whisper of the name Jesus, & I’ve witnessed the words of knowledge flood over someone’s mind that came directly from the heart of God.

One of the spiritual gifts He’s blessed me with is in the Prophetic. I’ve had dreams that would come from the heart of God since I was about 4 years old, & I would also have dreams that were a direct attack to distract me from the calling God has over my life. Since being here, the Lord has been giving me “downloads” of words of knowledge & prophetic encouragement for people wherever I go. A lot of this would be Him revealing something very personal about a person, like a life event that they never told anyone about, & through this revealing, He would speak His unending love over that person. This gift first comes through prayer–praying & asking the Holy Spirit: “what would you like me to say to this person?” or “what do you want me to do with what you just revealed to me, Lord?”

When I think of how good He’s s been, I wait with elated breath at what is to come on outreach.

THANK YOU to all who have prayed and given toward my outreach. I leave for Albania on the 23rd at 6:15 pm, it will be a 37-hour flight, multiple layovers at different airports, all to arrive on Christmas day to bring good tidings of all the Lord has done for His Albanian people. As I sit here writing this, I am overflowing with abundant joy & gratitude for all He’s done, all He is doing & all He will continue to do!!

From the core of my heart to yours,

Destiny Rose Nielsen

P.S. The photo above (with my mom) was shot just a few days before I was to leave for outreach. My family visited the Big Island for a week–December 10-17– and we were able to spend some quality time together.

 I want to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have poured into my life with prayer and finances. As a “faith missionary” all of my financial support comes from the generous donations—whether through a “one-time” gift or monthly offering— of people who believe in what I am doing.  UPDATE: I am happy to report that the final $1000 I lacked to cover my outreach fees came in on the final day from an anonymous donor God is so good! Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated!

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