While my sister and I were prayer walking with the dogs one morning in downtown Utah, enjoying the breeze of the morning: we witnessed something. A brown truck bumping into another vehicle. Personally, I thought that it was interesting but really wanted to keep walking. Let’s just say: I’m so glad that Chelsey had the gumption to do what never even crossed my mind. She said “Destiny, I don’t think he’s okay. We have to go back!” So, we checked through the mirror and the man was not breathing!

I quickly ran towards my sister’s apartment to let the dogs back in and bumped into a good Samaritan.  He thankfully had a phone on him (Chelsey and I left our phones in the apartment) and he called 911.

Within 15 minutes the paramedics arrived and rescued the man who was slumped in the truck: it was heroine drug overdose. While the man was still seemingly dead on the concrete road, my sister and I started praying with more passion than our “walk through the park” before. Her tears were a deposit being poured into the heavenlies.

The paramedics revived him! And the Lord did something much more powerful than what I could comprehend. It was in this instance that before I knew it, as the paramedics were doing their documentation, I walked straight up to the man who was just revived from death’s door and prophesied over him.  When I stopped, he said bewildered, “Wow, thank you so much. No one has ever told me.”

This is the power of the Gospel folks!


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