This is the final chapter of the book of Colossians! I have personally really enjoyed going over this series, sharing my personal notes is a joy and a pleasure in Kingdom building! Following the Biblical narrative centered on Jesus as Lord and Savior holds the most value. It is through following this storyline that we come to grasp His deep love for us, and the true course of our  lives. This last chapter of Colossians goes straight to the point and really focuses on prayer.

There are two main themes AND five main points:  

The two main themes are:

  1. Paying Attention.
  2. Asking for Opportunity.

The five main points are:

  1. Focus on Thanking Him. (v.2)
  2. Pray to Speak His Word. (v.3)
  3. Pray for Concise Speech. (v.4)
  4. Be Wise in Action. (v.5)
  5. Answer Questions with Diligence. (v.6)
  1. Paying Attention.

“Keep praying. Pay attention when you offer prayers of thanksgiving.” –(Col.4:2).

Pay attention. Pay attention. Pay attention! This is one of the key factors of an effective prayer life—its paying attention. In keeping a physical prayer list, a note section on your phone, or possibly even a white board in your room—writing it down and checking It off is powerful. When prayers get answered lives get changed. In chapter 11 of Hebrews, it says that ‘Faith assures us of things we expect and convinces us of the existence of things we cannot see.’ It is through this faith that an outpouring of prayer is released into His Kingdom, an open-ended dialogue between us and our Creator.

This is when grand design takes place and holds true. Through His grand design we are made to worship. We are made to set our gaze on His face to win the race. I’ll repeat it again because I like that sentence. We are made to set our gaze on His face to win the race. Winning the race is fully embracing your identity in Christ! By doing this you are delving into the ocean of His love for His power to show up. And even if it doesn’t, which it always does, loving Christ because He first loved us is worth it. By focusing on Him, every mountain is worth the climb.

When we ‘offer prayers of thanksgiving’ it means that we are called to pray for the unthinkable. In the unthinkable God produces a miracle! The Lord LOVES to pour out miracles of His divine splendor unto His people. As one book says it ‘God is in the miracle business,’ and this is so true! And as Paul says it in Colossians, its through prayer that His name is magnified.

  1. Asking for Opportunity.

“Be wise in the way you act toward those who are outside ⌞the Christian faith⌟. Make the most of your opportunities.” –(Col4:5).

The same message of creation, fall, and redemption that we preach is the same message that put the Apostle Paul in prison. So, when Paul tells the Colossians to be wise in the way they act, He’s speaking from experience. Now I’m not saying that Paul was a rough guy, even though he was, what I am emphasizing is that there is wisdom in grace. This wisdom in grace factor is what Paul drives home in verse five. Paul is exhorting the Colossians to make the most of every opportunity to talk about Christ.

Making the most of every opportunity to win souls is beautiful. Through fixating our eyes into His gaze, we are winning the race. Through asking, we receive opportunity. As believers we are called to shine His light to win souls for Christ. It says in the book of Mathew that we are to be a city on hill not easily hidden. Our light, which is the grandeur of His glory, is meant to shine upon the earth. Our hope, which is in Christ, is meant to inspire others to seek Him!

Even as I write this I prophesy that each person who wants an opportunity will be ready for that opportunity. I pray for the wisdom and insight, that Paul talks about, to be poured out over His people. I pray that there be pleasure in walking in His will through His Word! And most of all, I pray for there to be a release of His love on you today!

Yours Truly,

Destiny Rose Nielsen.


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