2:25pm Wednesday, September 28th.

We all rejoiced when we heard the news that the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade–a SCOTUS mandate that had stood since 1973, insuring that no state could restrict open access to abortion acress the land. The result: nearly 65 million unborn Americans never got the chance to take their first breath. The blood of these innocents still cries from the ground–but finally we saw the breakthorough that so many longed for! To be clear, however, abortion has not been eliminated in the United States. All this ruling does is kick the decision back to the states, opening the door for Conservative states to restrict access to abortion. Liberal states may may choose to keep abortion on demand, and in fact we already see a strong message coming from pro-abortion leaders that the battle is not over. For all of us who value life, and believe that the the first Constitutional protection God gives Americans is life (“life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”,) we must remain vigilant in the fight and not hold back as we speak out and stand up for those who have no voice.

My next project is to defeat abortion worldwide. It is absolutely wrong and horrific what happens in the deep state media. I am exhausted day and night praying for the unborn children. I will not be silenced. My mind is clear. In scripture, abortion is categorically wrong. I drew a picture with some colored pencils during my stay in Utah in April this past year, expressing my heart cry for the streets of New York. The entire night my heart broke, completely shattered for the horrors happening in the streets. I have seen it first hand. I will not allow this to terrify me anymore. I welcome mocking, I welcome chatter, but I will not tolerate abortion any longer! You know exactly who I am talking to. I have not forgotten the children. The innocent. The unborn. The forgotten. A voice cries throughout the streets of New York. I hear your cry. I will not stop fighting until every single child is safe in the city of New York.

I am going to fight for America in this current crisis and I will not be silenced. I honor the men and women fighting day in and day out for the safety of your children and your children’s children. The rippling of blessings throughout the generations is only the beginning of Gods promise for those who listen.

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